Materials and media

As an art therapist, I introduce my clients to a variety of materials, including:

  • paper
  • canvas
  • acrylic paints
  • watercolors and inks
  • collage materials
  • fabric, felt, and fleece
  • wool, yarn, and thread
  • recycled and found objects
  • natural materials including leaves, branches, and natural fibers
  • clay

I also explore a range of artistic experiences with my clients, including:

  • inquiry-based art-viewing and art-making experiences
  • collaborative and individual art-making
  • book-making
  • paper-making
  • fabric dolls and stuffed animals
  • quilts, blankets and pillows
  • hand puppets
  • shadow puppets
  • wet felting and needle felting
  • embroidery
  • handmade/altered clothing
  • scarf painting
  • jewelry-making
  • weaving
  • collage
  • found-recycled object sculptures
  • fabric dyeing, utilizing natural materials
  • clock-making
  • clay sculpture
  • watercolor painting
  • monoprints
  • glass painting
  • group and individual poetry writing and story-telling
  • photography

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