Art Therapy Portfolio


In August of 2013, I began a Community Weaving Project, traveling a 5×6 foot loom throughout Evanston, with stops at the Evanston Arts Festival in Dawes Park and non-profit day at the Evanston farmer’s market.  We asked visitors of all ages, “What do you like about getting older?” Visitors wove their responses into the community loom, generating a dialogue about aging well.  We also exhibited artwork created by participants of our art therapy program, raising awareness for the benefits of creativity and art-making as we age!
IMG_5426 IMG_5411 IMG_5407 IMG_5406 IMG_5431 IMG_5398 IMG_5396 IMG_5395 IMG_5392

These images highlight artwork made during individual and group art therapy sessions with people living with dementia from 2012-2013:

These images depict clocks made by residents of a memory care facility, as part of the Making Time Project, a component of my masters thesis research from 2012-2013.  As part of this project, inspired by the Clock Drawing Test, I invited individuals living with dementia to make art on clock faces, celebrating connection and collaboration in the present moment.

The Making Time Project also included clock-face drawings made by staff of the memory care facility.  I asked participants, “What do you wish you had more time for at work?”

In 2012 the SAIC Student Art Therapy Association took art therapy to Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair! We invited visitors of all ages to contribute to a community weaving, and provided workshops on wrap dolls and t-shirt necklace-making!


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  1. This work is fantastic! I absolutely love the interaction, generating a whole bunch of cool quirky work. I bet everyone had a blast, I can see it in the art.

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